We are currently confirming sites for 2020! Check back often as we update this page.

Locations with a GREEN STAR are Free Coat Exchange sites for Black Friday.
Locations with a YELLOW HANGER are Collection Only Sites.
Scroll down below the map for a complete listing.


Parking Lot
732 E. Market St
Louisville, KY
Contact: Ted Loebenberg
(401) 952-6566
4148 Taylor Blvd. 
Louisville, KY
Contact: Craig Oeswein 
(502) 367-8433
St. Paul Lutheran Church / 
2304 Crums Lane
Louisville, KY
Contact: Pastor Cindy Green
(812) 449-9986
2626 Portland Ave
Louisville, KY
Contact: Craig
(502) 772-0705
909 Barret Avenue 
Louisville, KY
Contact: Angela Carter-Lanon
(502) 439-9866

 COLLECTION ONLY SITES  DROP OFF COATS UNTIL NOV. 25 Each location may have its own deadline. We recommend you contact the location before dropping off your coats.  
1206 Maple Ln
Anchorage, KY
Contact: Bob LaMontagne
(502) 253-0601
2420 Lime Kiln Lane Suite F
Louisville, KY
Contact: Bob Bayersdorfer
(502) 423-6700
2440 Grinstead Dr
Louisville, KY
Contact: Tracie Nash 
(502) 371-3041
5360 Shelbyville Rd
Louisville, KY
Contact: Pat Barry

3928 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY
Contact: Crysten 
(502) 491-0222
11517 Main Street, Middletown, KY 
Contact: Sheila Day 
(502) 417-4818
Open Tues-Sat. 10am to 5pm
2307 Taylorsville Rd
Louisville, KY
Contact: Josh
(502) 451-5757
3704 Frankfort Avenue 
Louisville, KY
Contact: Abby Corder 
401 N English Station Rd
Louisville, KY
Contact: Velma Watkins
730 W Market St 
Louisville, KY
Contact: Sara Waskey 
(502) 515-9453
2126 South Floyd ST
Louisville KY
Contact: Jackson Duval & Tracy Coffey
(502) 564-4775
914 Old Harrods Creek Rd 
Louisville, KY
Contact: Brayton Bowen
(502) 558-2154 
Drop off coats on back porch of Epiphany House marked “Coat Exchange.” Mon-Sun, 9am to 5pm
One Love Hemp Dispensary
1908 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville , KY
Contact: Nancy Roberts
(502) 409-9410


Interested in hosting a location?  Contact us!